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The Masochist The Masochist

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is really well done!

Id just say the mixing of instruments could use a little more fine tweaking, they sometimes get super muddy at parts and it loses me a bit.

Pro wise, the overlapping of that cello is dam good, its prob my favorite part about this track.
I could see this being in a game like the FF13 series or a medieval magics based MMORPG

Super solid, well done

For the strings and Bass drum, I gotta know what vsts those are, they sound really well and Ive been on the hunt for a good set of strings and orchestral drums

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LucasMasoch responds:

Ah, alright. Thanks!

I use Composer Cloud Plus (the highest tier - if you look at it, it won't be shown right away. It's $50/mo) for all my samples. I used the cello in Hollywood Strings Solo Cello, the violin in EW Gypsy, the drums in Stormdrum 3, and Hollywood Strings for the rest of the string samples. Honestly, I'm probably just not using them totally right lol

Loop 2 Loop 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Would just say watch the attack on that sakura string, the 1st note kinda threw me off a little
Strings also sound a little loud, but that part might honestly just be me

Pro wise, i like the over-arching nature of both the sakura strings, really feels like a "somethings not right" kinda vibe in a creepy sense, the rapid kick also adds to it

Pretty dam solid. Liking it.

Just wondering though what did you set the looping mode to when exporting, cuz it sounds like you left it on Leave Remainder which kinda ruins the loop a bit with the small delay it has at the end?

CakeIsOP responds:

I just exported it and left everything on default, the audio did get kinda messed up. Thanks for your criticism though :)

XxItsHim - Sync XxItsHim - Sync

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Real trippy, def relaxing
Id just say be careful with all that automation and pausing that starts around 2:28, seems a little overdone and could throw some listeners off, but with the exception of that this is pretty solid

XxItsHimXx responds:

Thanks man! I don't get a lot of reviews but ill be sure to work on those pauses you're talking about!